Our Charity work to empower women and girls to be free to choose a life that helps them to turn their dreams into reality, giving financial freedom. Hence we run a vocational training institution in South Asia. International Justice and Mercy aims to provide women from underdeveloped areas of India with human resource professionals and trainers who will teach them the necessary skills needed to prosper in their chosen workplace. We have implemented a 3 month course which focuses on training the women in skills which align with the goals and objectives of the company hiring. The course also trains the women in other aspects which includes spoken English; typing; computers, soft skills for harmonious interaction; money management etc.

Our Goals and Objectives are to:
  • Empower women from the underdeveloped areas of India with the necessary skills and facilities needed to find employment
  • Empower and aid deprived women with the skills needed to become entrepreneurs
  • Provide women with the basic skills needed to prosper in their work areas
  • Provide women with access to employment in companies

Mrs. Krupa - Spoken English 

The Story of Mera :

In the year 2005, my elder sister received a job offer in Mumbai and ever since she never came back. I decided to find her. One fine day morning, with all my courage I took a bus to Mumbai and found that she was forced to be a sex worker.

It was a shock to me. She was ashamed, wounded and had become an alcoholic. I listened to her cry and found that she was cheated by a man who gave her a false hope to be her husband but kept her in a brothel near the red light area in Mumbai. I decided to rush back to save her but she begged that she would choose to die rather than to see the parents. I waited till the next day, I came to know that she has two children, a girl and a boy, I was broken. She said no words, I left but I had a plan.

News spread so fast, everyone began to talk about my sister that she is a prostitute and we were kicked out of the village. Meanwhile a few people from the red light area somehow got my mobile number and offered me a job to be a sex worker for Rs.40000 (Approx 800.00 USD)

My husband left me and my two kids after a year. I was broken. As years went by, I heard about IJAM. I decided with my plan to go away and save my sister and her kids. God answered my cry. I made a choice to take my kids and my sisters! I came to the shelter home.

Kids are going to school, they healthy and safe.

I work as a play school teacher and I live with respect. I  have a plan to save my sister and I am proud to be a woman that rescues women through IJAM. 


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